Anna's Cookbook

A Collection of Keyser Family Recipes

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A Gift From Anna

The way to have a happy meal
Is simply, once you've found it.
Add love to what's set on the table
and those who sit around it.
Serve friendship at your table,
Serve love and kindness too
and you just won't have chairs enough
for all who'd dine with you.
When you start with lots
of thoughtfulness
and add a way of caring,
your life will be a perfect blend
of joys you can't help sharing.
Give away a recipe
that's proven tried and true
and in a way, you'll give away
a little bit of you.

A Message from Aunt Carol

I have wonderful memories, thanks to my mother and father. My school lunch was the earliest sign to me that I was different from my school friends - everything was homemade in our school lunches. Looking back, I feel lucky to have grown up Down on the Farm (200-acre farm in Carrollton, Ohio), even superior. But back then, I was mortified.

Part of the magic of our kitchen, was the way my mother was fun and creative making silly things with cookie and pie dough for all the children - and adding these silly things to our lunch boxes to surprise us. Everything was homemade from scratch with love. The fun was in the process, the time together in the kitchen. My happiest memories about my parents are related to food.

Food to me is really about love and the sharing of everything. Anna was the most giving person to all and she loved sharing recipes.